Mantramala, the book

My book is out, Mantramala, on the subject of Sanskrit mantras.

Published by Dronequill publishers.

307 pages, over 400 mantras, ten years of study.

Mantras in Sanskrit Devnagri script, also English transliteration and, of course,  translation.  Details of how to use the mantras and visualisations with them.

A review of the book by Shri M.V. Kamath, and one from New Woman magazine, is here :

Reviews of the book

Buy it online from anywhere in India from – click on the logo.

celetes_logo-e1357877690899About the book –

The name Mantramala comes from the beads, the mala which is commonly used for mantras. It has 108 beads and this book is divided into  108 sections. Here are the contents.


Book 1.
The Meaning of Mantras.
The Practice of Mantras.

Book 2.
Daily shlokas.
1. Early morning.
2. Morning shlokas.
3. Space clearing.
4. Tulsi and peepal.
5. Prayers to the sun.
6. Prayers to the light.
7. To charge water.
8. To energize food and medicine.
9. Before sleeping.

Book 3.
Deity mantras.

Goddess Mantras.
10. Saraswati mantras.
11. Saraswati names, festival.
12. Durga mantras.
13. Durga names, festival.
14. Nav varna mantra.
15. Navratri mantras.
16. Laxmi mantras.
17. Ashta laxmi mantras.
18. Laxmi names, festival.
19. Gayitri.
20. Pranayam and the long Gayitri.
21. Gayitri samputs.
22. Kali mantras.
23. Devi Gayitris.
24. Mahavidhyas.
25. Mantras from the Lalita Sahasranaam.
26. Other Devis.
27. Bija mantras.

The Gods.
28. Ganesh mantras.
29. Ganesh festivals and names.
30 Shiva mantras.
31. Shiva names and festivals.
32. Jyotirlingas.
33. Mrityunjay mantra.
34. Variations of Mrityunjay.
35. Krishna mantras.
36. Krishna festivals.
37. Ram mantras.
38. Variations of Ram mantras.
39. Vishnu mantras.
40. Hanuman mantras.
41. Hanuman names and festivals.
42. Surya mantras.
43. Surya names and festivals.
44. Other Gods.
45. Dev Gayitris.
46. Gayitris of the elements.
47. Other Gayitris.
48. One verse Bhagvad and Ramayan and Chandi.
49. The Guru Tradition.

Book 4. A Collection of Mantras.

Festivals and planets.
50. The Hindu Calendar.
51. The Festivals.
52. Akshay Trutiya and Guru Purnima.
53. Raksha Bandhan and Shraddha.
54. Mantras for the Planets.
55. Nav graha mantras.
56. Sun sign mantras.
57. Laxmi mantras for the sun signs.
58. Vastu mantras.
59. Rudraksha mantras.
60. Gems for the planets.

Mantras for a Happy Family Life.
61. Mantras for marriage.
62. A Happy married life.
63. When you want a child.
64. For the welfare of children.
65. For love, romance and great sex.
66. For a happy family.

Mantras for wealth and business.
67. Mantras for wealth.
68. Two mantras for good business.
69. Two mantras for sudden gain.
70. To end debts.
71. To remove obstacles.
72. Two mantras for Karya siddhi, success in work.
73. For victory.
74. Prestige, status, high position.

Knowledge, the arts and fame.
75. To begin education.
76. Success in mental work.
77. Success in arts.
78. Vedic mantras for fame.
79. To develop intuition and dream answers.
80. Psychic powers.
81. Kundalini mantras.
82. Chakra bija mantras.

Protection, power, self confidence.
83. Mantras for protection.
84. Strong protection.
85. Protection from spirits, black magic.
86. Mantras to say in troubled times.
87. To overcome fear.
88. Mantras to control anger and worries.
89. Power, confidence.
90. A Kavach.
91. Making a protective amulet.

Health and healing.
92. Radiant health and energy.
93. Mantras for ailments.
94. For healers.
95. Two mantras for good sleep.
96. Positive Energy and vitality.
97. For a fit and strong body.
98. Beauty.
99. To improve one’s personality and gain charisma.
100. To achieve all wishes.

Happiness, peace and realization.
101. Power of Om.
102. Happiness and Friendship.
103. Vedic prayer for long life.
104. Two positive thinking mantras from the Vedas.
105. Prayers for realisation.
106. Prayers to the divine.
107. Kshama prathana.
108. Shanti mantras.


63 thoughts on “Mantramala, the book

  1. Thank you very much for this wonderful book, Rohini Ji!
    To answer to an earlier query, regarding winning of court cases, kindly refer to page 291 in the book. The mantra is: Om namo rudraaya rajya bhayam vidraavyam om phat


      • Rohiniji,
        I was fortunate to acquire the book very early.I have tried some mantras and it works not only for me but for others too.Thank you for the compilation which reaches it to a large number of people.Could u pl let me know a mantra to succeed in court cases?(Ofcourse our being on the right side)


      • so suppose a person has a weak sun in his horoscope – and he starts reciting the sun mantra – then will the mantra simply make his mind stronger to deal with the problems created by the weak sun – or will the mantra actually cure his weak sun and instill in him added energy, boldness and confidence ?


      • I suggest you just ask for the quality you want – say confidence – do a mantra for that. One at a time so it can work. The book has plenty of mantras for each quality.


  2. Hi Rohini,

    I looked for your book everywhere online. It’s not available on flipkart, amazon, landmarkonthenet or even strand book store’s online avenue.

    Any idea where i may get a copy please?




  3. Rohiniji!,
    indeed it is amazing and scintillating book, though ididn’t get an opportunity to wade through it because it is not in the Crossword outlet.
    hope to hear from u soon after i review it lit journals
    krishna pachegonkar
    aurangabad @


  4. Dear Rohiniji,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have enquired at Flipkart as well.Book is out of stock.

    Is it under re-print?

    Awaiting reply.



  5. Dear Rohiniji,
    I am looking for this book since long.I have enquired at various Crossword, Reliance & Landmark stores but without any success.Pl.advice how to purchase it.

    Thanks & regards


  6. Dear Rohiniji,
    I am looking for this book since long.I have enquired at various Crossword, Reliance & Landmark stores but not been able to purchase so far.Pl.advice how to purchase it.


    • Thanks for your interest.
      Which city are you in? In Bangalore and Mumbai its available at Strand book stall. Also online on Flipkart. Landmark usually does keep it but maybe they have not re-ordered.


  7. Dear Rohiniji,

    First of all a big thanks and very many congratulations for giving us such a wonderful book full of mantras. I got my copy very recently and since then I have started practising mantras from it..

    I have seen that for many mantras you have mentioned the repetition count.
    I want to know how many times the following mantras has to be repeated in order to get siddhi of it..

    1. the Sarawathi mantra for gud intuition.
    2.Space clearing mantra
    3. Ajna chakra mantra – (lesson 80)
    4. Sudden gain mantra- lesson 69…

    please brief me about the counts…

    Thank you,



    • Dear Dinesh,
      I am so glad you liked my book and are doing the mantras.

      The Saraswati shloka – yaa kundendu – being a shloka does not need a count. You can say it 3 or 7 or even 21 times every day or just say it 3 or 7 times before you begin work. It really helps.
      The space clearing shloka can be chanted once or at the most 3 times. It needs no more.

      The other two are mantras, the Ajna one and the sudden gain mantra. They, like all mantras need to be recited by malas – 1 mala a day for 40 days, or more malas if you are able. The first chapter tells you how to use a mala. A visualisation helps, focus on Ajna for the chakra mantra and visualise the diety for the whichever sudden gain mantra you chose.

      I hope that helps. Best of luck in your chanting.


  8. Hi,

    I want to have one copy of the Mantramala book. Please advise.

    I am impressed by the contents given in the index given on the blog.

    Can I have a copy?



    • Yes, every mantra – more than 400 – are in Sanskrit Devnagari script, English transliteration and English translation too. I do think you need to read them in Devnagari to get the proper pronounciation – and if you are not sure, the English transliteration can help.


  9. I have read this and continue to refer to it.It is a very good work on mantras..This work gives certain micro details .I wish in the next edition some more mantras for other purposes like wining a court case (provided you are on the right side) etc are added. As an ardent student of this science I use it as a reference book and would recommend to every one.


  10. dear madame,
    your book was reviewed by mr. m. v. kamath in the sunday free press journal of 13.02.11.


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  12. Didi Pranam,

    I appreciate your work and research work, I would like to buy one please guide me how I buy this book.

    Thanks and Regards

    Sunil Dutt


    • My book is available with Strand bookshop and Landmark and Crosswords.
      I do not know which city you are in.
      Online with Strand and Flipkart and Bahri and Amazon.


    Mantramala is so informative and interesting! It covers each and every aspect of every mantra.It answers all the questions that i’ve had about so many mantras!
    Every mantra is explained in such an organised and simple way!
    Thank you Rohini for giving this to us on a platter…
    Love you…



    Rohini Gupta with her just released book ‘Mantramala’
    I have known Rohini for many years…I have attended her classes and learned Tarot from her. What particularly changed my life was what she taught me about Belief systems…I shall always be grateful to her for the latter, so imagine my surprise when I learned that she has acknowledged me in her book…
    She writes:
    …To Ram Maheshwary of the Times of India who encouraged me to conduct five years of Sunday morning mantra workshops at the Times building, Mumbai in which I was able to test my methods with large groups of people. Thanks also to Shakun Narian of Times Foundation…

    ‘Mantras are a tool of the mind which can, with the appropriate effort and belief, influence your life. Associated as they are, with the distant past it is often assumed that they are not of much relevance today. Rohini Gupta has spent years questioning this assumption. In ‘Mantramala’ she presents mantras with an easy elegance that bridges the gap between the traditional ethos and the technological world of the twentyfirst century’

    Her book is really wonderful and easy to read and learn and apply the mantras…
    Follows a paragraph:

    “The name Sanskrit’ means ‘perfectly put together’: ‘krita’ means ‘crafted’ and ‘sam’ means ‘perfect’. so ‘sam-krita’, well crafted’…If you could see the higher levels of consciousness, for example, you could see the form of Shiva manifest when ‘Om namah Shivaya’ is recited. The rishis who gave us the mantras, saw the forms on higher levels of consciousness and described what they saw. Their description became the form of the deities, an attempt to depict the formless vibrations from a much subtler realm.

    …’Sanskrit is considered the most perfect language as it was created to translate the divine vibration in the only way we can comprehend it, which is through words in the form of mantras…Sanskrit was mantric vibration which later solidified into language’ …Sanskrit is called ‘dev-vani’ the speech of the gods, and the script is called ‘dev-nagari’ the city of the gods’…


  15. Thank you for this truly wonderful book on Mantras. The meaning given with the mantras and shlokas help us know what we can achieve when we chant with faith and the visualisations help us focus on the mantras.

    I personally have experienced the positive energy after chanting a couple of Mantras given in the book.


  16. Have started to read your book. I find it crisp, to the point, readable and very informative. I have been listening and learning from you for years and this is a happy welcome continuation…
    Congratulations! Keep going Rohini
    God bless you


  17. I find it the most complete book on Mantras. It not only explains everything, it also tells us the correct method of doing the Mantras. One very important aspect of this book is that it gives us the visualization, which is Very Important as the mind is a monkey, which not only wanders, it keeps jumping from place to place. Thank -You Rohini, for giving us such a Lovely book.


  18. Dear friends,
    I want to share my views with you on the lovely book ‘Mantramala’ written by Rohini Gupta. This 370 page book gives the readers an in-depth look at how mantras are useful to us in todays times by explaining methodically the correct mantra to be used in the correct way. The mantras for different elements, your daily routine, festivals, different Gods and Devi mantras. One has v. little time in this fast paced life so there are ‘Beej mantras’, simple but equally powerful as mantras are in their own right. They can be used in many ways to achieve different goals.

    Rohini has covered many mantras and with useful explanations for all there. The Gayatri mantra that is v, important in day to day life has been covered with lovely explanation on different Gayatris like Sudarshan, Indra Gayatris, etc. makes it v. interesting to read and follow the same.

    There is section on Gurus tradition gives us an insight into how we can connect to the ‘Ultimate Gurus’ with the help of the shlokas and get their blessings. This can enable one to connect to your ‘Divine Guru’ and not have the need to have a person as a Guru.
    Also mantras for Happy family life, wealth, business, self confidence, protection, power and healing and more. Imp festivals and how one can celebrate them on physical and spiritual levels.

    We are surely interested in reading our Daily horoscope there is section on zodiac sign mantras as also Laxmi mantras is v. handy and informative.
    One will find many more interesting and informative subjects and improve ones life.
    To add here I have been lucky to do these mantras with her on regular basis and have first hand experienced the effect of all there so hope all of you will also benefit by reading the book at least.


  19. mantramala is an excellent book. It is written in such a simple , easy-to-follow syle. Been a couple of weeks now, have already begun chanting mantras following the method written in the book. The Gods are not as distant as we make them to be. Rohini’s techniques work. The book is ‘ very happening.’ Hope to see it in hard cover soon.


  20. Initially, Mantramala appears to be ‘one more spiritual book’ (yawn). Then one gets down to ‘wading through’ it. The first thing that strikes a reader is the enormous scope of the book. Then, the trouble taken by Rohini Gupta to make such an esoteric subject easy to read for the lay reader. Truly a labour of love. The chapters on visualisations and methods to calm the mind can be used with great effect even by readers studying other books (Indian and Western) on Advaita.


  21. This amazing book opened hitherto completely unknown opportunities for me. I never earlier believed in how a set of words called mantras could be so empowering.

    If you are looking for a life altering experience pl read this book and practice it.


  22. The book absorbed me the moment I picked it up.
    I knew I was looking for all the mantras presented in such a connected manner.

    Your words on Krishna were awe inspiring and infuse enormous power in KRISHNA.

    I loved the way you have presented the shloka with its meaning and visualisations in just that many words,


  23. Its one of the best books I have read. It has helped me to evolve myself as a better person.
    A book I recommend should be with everyone.
    The explanations in the book help me understand mantras in a deeper way and i feel empowered.


  24. The most comprehensive book on Mantras in today’s time. Language and explanation so simple and good.
    Reading Mantramala is divine experience and beyond words.

    A must read for all people. There is so much knowledge.


  25. Mantramala is a book that anyone searching for the truth and looking for ways to self enlightenment should read.

    It has been and is of emmense help to me in this growth period I am going through…


  26. Rohini has done a big favour by giving us “Mantramala”. Its so simple and easy to understand. all the mantras and their explanation has made it easy to learn and understand them. the visualisation given with the mantras help us to go deep.

    a book which is a must and should be read by all who are into this field – a book to be cherished and owned by all.
    Easy simple book with lots of detailed information.


  27. I have so much to tell! Don’t know where to begin…
    So, i’ll make it brief. I doff my hat to Rohini for her focus and constant study- it’s no easy task.
    A subject like this can read ‘textish’ but Rohini has surpassed – she’s written it in a friendly style that’s so easy to follow. And has been exceptional in her research of 10 years!
    Mantramala is one book i would recommend. Flip through its pages, take a sip and you won’t want to finish.
    (To me it was ‘bewitch’)


  28. Mantramala is so refreshingly different in style and content The book covers a wide spectrum of Mantras explained in a way one can relate to. Visualising some of the Mantras as one chants them, brings about a whole new vibration and one gets centered instantly.

    Truly a book to cherish.

    I wish Rohini all the very best.


  29. An awesome book on a serious and complex subject. A must have for anyone who is serious about mantras or wants to learn more.


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